For all hydroponics growers using nft dwc ebb

For all hydroponics growers using nft dwc ebb and flow flood and drain or coco we have a 2 part premium soluble fertilizer grow and Bloom. Not a line up of 20 differnt bottles to maximise profits from the cannabis community.

Our product is one 5th of the price of any of the most used bottle nutirnets on the market so will save you huge amounts of money and allow you to grow thr best quality crops for a fraction of the cost. Not only that it is in powdered form so you are not buying bottles of water with ting amounts of raw dissolved npk you are getting every thing in one ready to use product for the veg and Bloom stage.


You have seen 1000s of posts from all those who use Dr Organics living soil and choose to grow organicly you will see those who grow hydroponicly now using CHEM DOCTOR raw solubles prodicing crops and plant health that will be unmatched. You will no longer be getting ripped buying a huge range of bottles for ridiculous sums of money.

The truth will set you free no matter your chosen method of growing Dr Organics living soil provides the most cost affective rage of organic living soil and hydroponics nutirnets.

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