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Light Cycles

18hrs Vegetative Growth
For seedling and vegetative growth we recommend a light cycle of 18/6. This means the lights are on for 18 hrs and off for 6hrs. This light cycle will suit the vegetative cycle of most plants. When growing plants using an artificial light source you are able to control, to some extent, the overall size your plants will grow.

12 hrs Flowering/Fruiting
By decreasing the light cycle to 12/12 (12 hrs on and 12 hrs off) you can switch your plants into the flowering stage. This will usually take around 8-10 weeks depending on the plant you are growing.


Each stage of the plant’s development requires temperature and humidity levels to be maintained at the appropriate levels to achieve optimum growth and flower production.

Vegetative Stage/Seedling 18 hrs of light
During the seedling and vegetative stage your plants will grow to its full potential when a temperature of 27 to 28 Degrees Celsius is maintained when lights are on and a temperature of 18 to 21 Degrees when lights are off. The ideal humidity at this stage is 80% RH (relative humidity) which can be achieved using a humidifier with suitable controller. we must stress that one of the most important parts of growing is maintaining a good environment. humidity of 70 to 80 percent is crucial.

Flowering/Fruiting Stage 12 hrs of light
We recommend starting the flowering stage with a temperature of 27-28 Degrees Celsius. You should use the best quality fan, filter and speed controller your budget allows to achieve this. The humidity at the start of the flowering stage should be 70% RH, 60% from weeks 3-6, gradually dropping to 45-50% during the final weeks.


Throughout the plant’s life it is ideal to maintain a wet/dry cycle to encourage good root development whilst ensuring that the soil never completely dries out. You will need to increase the frequency of watering as your plant matures. the watering of living soil is a fine balance you do not want to over water your plant. allowing the soil to start to dry but never letting it become completely dry in between each watering. Its is a good idea to feel the soil a few inches down to get a good idea of the moister content of the soil.

Due to the complex blend of nutrients in Dr Organics Living Soil there is no need to add any liquid plant food, just add tap water or rain water.  Leave water to stand overnight before watering as this will allow it to reach room temperature and avoid shocking the plant.

Bloom Amendment 2-8-10
For customers who want to boost the flower production of their plants. Simply add 2 grams (per litre of soil in the pot) to the top of the pot mixing it with soil and watering in. It’s that simple.

Growing Made Easy
We have spent time developing the ideal blend for your plants so that you can relax in the knowledge that, as long as they are watered, they are growing at optimum speed and efficacy.

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