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Dr organics Psycoberry Cheese .


We created this strain by selecting a male plant from a AK47 X blueberry cross the male expressed a supper stinky berry smell. We dropped this pollen on our original Exodus Cheese Cut that we have kept going when obtained by us over 15 years ago. We then completed a run of 82 females from the regular seeds that were produced taking cuts from each one in order to reverse the best for feminised pollen there were 5 show stoppers and one of those was just a level above the rest we then reversed the keeper and dropped its pollon onto our psychosis Cheese that we have also been looking after for over a decade. The resulting feminised seeds we have named psycoberry Cheese . A run of 16 feminised seeds were grown out before we made this strain available all phenotypes were unimaginable one finished in 7 weeks and 3 days the others finished in 8.5 weeks so we would describe this strain as a 7 to 9 week flowering plant .

The smell from this plant from week 5 to finish changes daily it is a symphony of amromas ranging from dank gassy cheesy pungent skunk hints of citrus and deep dark berrys fuel spice Aniseed and Cheese .

This strain is truly spectacular it is covered in huge amounts of frost and the yield on most phenotypes is above average so we would class this as a heavy yielding strain it stays compact without having ridiculous numbers of side shoots like the Exodus cheese. Do not be fooled when week 6 arrives and the plant looks to be finishing as the hairs seem to be all turning orange a second late explosion of hairs appear and the buds swell again to gargantuan sizes . The bag appeal and look of this plant it unimaginable in the late stages of flower you will be smiling at the sight before your eyes .

We hope you love Cheese as much as we do this strain will make you feel 20 years younger and bring you back to the days we all love and miss this is guaranteed to bring you back to that time.

Important Information

Warning Germination of Cannabis seed is illegal in most countries.

By section 6 of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 it is an offence to cultivate any plant of the genus Cannabis in the United Kingdom without a license from the Secretary of State. Anyone committing an offence contrary to this section may be imprisoned of fined, or both. Please note therefore that germination of cannabis seeds without an appropriate license is illegal in the United Kingdom.

We do not encourage anyone to break the law in their country.

For your own protection we ‘require’ you to inquire about and comply with all local laws and international laws governing the purchase of marijuana seeds/cannabis seeds in your part of the world. In many countries, it is illegal to germinate these cannabis seeds. By ordering, ‘you confirm that you checked your local and international law and it is safe to do so’ and that the responsibility for that decision rests solely upon you.

All cannabis seeds are for Souvenir purposes only!


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