Enchantress strain.

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Enchantress strain.

Bred by crossing the finest phenotypes of both Blue zushi and Jelly breath S1. The resulting seeds were then grown and the two best phenotypes were chosen to be crossed to create the showstopper that is the Enchantress. Offering high levels of THC combined with mouthwatering aromas and terpines Enchantress is the full package when it comes to a bud for the cannabis connoisseur.

Producing dense buds glistening with THC can be achieved with minimal effort, however an experienced grower should be able to tip the scales towards a mind blowing 30% THC and yields upwards of 550g m².


10 seeds, 5 seeds

1 review for Enchantress strain.

  1. ChronicCowboy420

    I am currently three weeks into flower with this strain, grown in Dr Organics Living Soil.
    This strain is STRONG💪 I topped her once and with some light LST she produced an even canopy filling my 3×3 tent with very sturdy limbs. This phenotype doubled in size during the first two weeks of 12/12 and could easily cut a week of the veg time.

    At week three she is already starting to produce layers of resin glands around the pearly white pistil’s. This strain has not failed so far, cannot wait to good part 🤠

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