Mycorrhizal Fungi 75 grams


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Ingredients .

Dr Organics Living Soil Mycorrhizal Fungi is a unique blend of Ectomycorrhias & Endomycorrhizas Humic & Fulvic Acid Beneficial Bacteria Root Inoculant.


Directions for use

Dust the fungi directly on the root ball if possible or sprinkle in the planting hole. For seed, mix it dry with the seed before planting.

The Mycorrhizae can be incorporated into your backfill or directly applied to the roots of the plant. Direct root contact is essential for the best results, as it holds the best odds for colonization.

Simply sprinkle a small amount of the Mycorrhizae onto the root ball prior to planting.

Mycorrhizae can be used as a seed soak. Generally using 1/4 teaspoon per 5 litres of water, soaking up to 24 hours. This promotes rapid germination and root growth.

Will promote a huge healthy root system increasing nutrient uptake and crop production.


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